Meet our wolves

Interactable Wolves

Tokori was born at Wolf Creek Habitat. She is a very gentle wolf and enjoys giving gentle kisses. Her name means 'Screech Owl Spirit as she was very vocal when she was a baby. 

Zonta was born at Wolf Creek Habitat. Like his siblings, he is easy going, very gentle and loves attention. He will sometimes scent rub on visitors- and does so ever so gently.  

Athena is the most outgoing of the 4, she wants all the attention for herself! She likes to put her front paws on shoulders. Athena is easy to tell apart from the others with her underbite and striking pale eyes.  

 Iya is one of our most social wolves. She loves attention just as much as she loves pestering her brother Kodiak.  Her name means Pumpkin in the Cherokee language and came to be as a baby, Iya had the perfect Pi symbol marking on her chest, which led us to call her Pumpkin.