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Meet our wolves

Interactable Wolves

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Tokori was born at Wolf Creek Habitat. She is a very gentle wolf and enjoys giving gentle kisses. Her name means 'Screech Owl Spirit as she was very vocal when she was a baby. 


Arrow was born at Wolf Creek Habitat. He has always been a very easy going wolf. He loves people and loves affection, yes even belly rubs. He is a very large wolf, much like his grandfather, Loki.


Zonta was born at Wolf Creek Habitat. Like his siblings, he is easy going, very gentle and loves attention. He will sometimes scent rub on visitors- and does so ever so gently.  


Athena is the most outgoing of the 4, she wants all the attention for herself! She likes to put her front paws on shoulders. Athena is easy to tell apart from the others with her underbite and striking pale eyes.  

 Iya is one of our most social wolves. She loves attention just as much as she loves pestering her brother Kodiak.  Her name means Pumpkin in the Cherokee language and came to be as a baby, Iya had the perfect Pi symbol marking on her chest, which led us to call her Pumpkin. 

The Drama Queen of the pack, Aquene’s name means peace. She is amazingly affectionate and  loves people. If you don’t pay enough attention to her, she will give you a paw, sometimes none too gently to remind you that she wants more attention.  


One of Aquene's boys, Bartok, like his brother Koda, is a true gentleman as far as wolves go.  He likes to greet people up on the shelter and gives very gentle kisses. Wherever his brother Koda is, you’ll find Bartok, and vice versa. 

Our wolf with a coat of many colors, as a baby Koda’s color changed multiple times as he grew. Easy going and gentle, He does, sometimes get the 'Wolf Zoomies' when he sees people he hasn't seen in a while.


Born at Wolf Creek, Nashoba's surrogate wolf mom was none other than Iya. While he was an incredibly social pup, it became evident as he got older that interactions just were not for him. He still gets plenty of love from volunteers and remains friendly and loving. 


Nico was rescued from a roadside zoo where lived as a lone wolf.  Now that he is at Wolf Creek, he lives with a female named Star. Nico is a very intense individual and is not too fond of human contact.

Star was born at Wolf Creek and while being socialized, grew up to be a wolf that prefers the company of other wolves over people. She was introduced to Nico after his rescue and the two have been together since. 

Dakota came to Wolf Creek after he was labeled for sale by his owner in a state where it is illegal for the general public to have Wolves or Wolf Dogs as pets. Dakota is a bit of a bouncy boy when excited and enjoys attention from volunteers and staff. 


Crisou and his two sons were rescued from Canada. The three boys were kept together at Wolf Creek, and have adjusted to their new lives quite quickly. Crisou is most social of the three, and enjoys attention from the volunteers and staff. 


Nova was born at Wolf Creek and is incredibly social- so much so that she wanted all the attention to herself and wanted to be in charge of her sisters. We opted to move her in with one of our quieter male wolves and she is a much happier little lady, No longer with the nickname "No Fun Nova." 

Vega Daisy copy.jpg
Daisy and Vega

Heyoka is a very social wolf and loves attention- so much so that he wants to play. He tends to forget his strength in his excitement too. While he cannot interact with visitors- rest assured he gets plenty of Staff and Volunteer attention. 

Daisy and Vega were born at Wolf Creek, and are both somewhat shy wolves.  Although bottle fed and socialized,  they prefer wolf company to that of people.  Funnily enough- both girls get along great with Heyoka, who loves human attention. 


Nanook came to us after he was picked up by animal control as a puppy

He has been with use for 9 years. Unfortunately he is blind and can't interact with visitors.


Niimi was born at Wolf Creek and is a petite little lady.  She is a very social and loving wolf who lives with her Brother, Denali. She likes to give volunteers a paw so they can scratch her favorite spot under her arm. 

Non-Interactable Wolves


Kanati is an incredibly intense looking wolf and is the mirror image of his father Kenai. Don't let that intense look fool you- Unlike his dad, who was not the most social wolf,  Kanati really loves visitors and loves to give out scent rubs. Fun Fact- Kanati is going to be a star! There's a book being written about him. 

Onyx was born at Wolf Creek, went to another facility, and then we brought her back home as we discovered  she wasn't getting the care she needed. Onyx was incredibly shy when she returned to us, but with the help of Kanati and lots of volunteer, visitor and staff love she has warmed right up, and absolutely loves people. She and Kanati are inseparable.

Loki was recently rescued and brought to Wolf Creek Habitat. While his history is a mystery, he is a sweet boy who is getting used to his new home. Aquene and the boys absolutely adore him. 


Malek was rescued from Canda with his father and brother. He is very shy and not as social as his father, however he has adjusted well to his new life at Wolf Creek.   

Aurora is an amazingly sweet and noble looking lady. An 'Alpha' from the start, she refused to roll over for Aquene when she was a teen, so we made the difficult choice to move her. It was the best decision as she has blossomed into a very confident adult. 

Rich was rescued from Canada with his father and brother. Rich is a shy and quiet wolf, preferring the company of wolves. He likes to watch staff from a distance but has eased into his new life at Wolf Creek very well. 

IMG_8973 2.jpeg

Our Frisky Foxes
Only sponsors can interact with the Foxes


Tod was rescued from someone who no longer wanted him. He is the oldest of our three foxes and is the typical red fox coloration. He likes gentle scratches on his chest and has blossomed into quite the friendly old gentleman. Out of the three, he is the most relaxed.


Inari started life as someone's pet, and was then rescued when they didn't want her anymore. She is a Red Fox, despite her unusual coloring- which is called Arctic Marble. Inari has no tail due to an incident in her past before her rescue.  She is full of energy and personality, and knows how to use her voice... the boys struggle to keep up with her. 


Finn came to Wolf Creek as a youngster. He is a pale red color with a lot of silver undertones. He is exactly what everyone expects a fox to be, incredibly clever and incredibly tricky. Finn likes to pounce on fingers and nibble on noses, but is social and enjoys attention. He is also very vocal, almost as much as Inari. 


He is our newest rescue along with his half brother Aries. He is the shy one of the two but when he wants something or doesn't like what the other foxes are doing he lets the world know with his very loud vocal cries.


Aries is a funny little fox. 
His  mission in life to eat your clothes and shoes. He is a little friendlier than  his half brother Winston but still a heartbreaker with his beautiful eyes. They were both 3 months old when we rescued them.

Sponsor a Wolf (or Fox)

Would You like to sponsor one of our amazing and awesome animal ambassadors?  

A sponsorship not only helps us keep our mission of education going, but also goes to the care of our wonderful animals. You can sponsor any of our animals, yes that does include the foxes!

Sponsorship is $350 for the year 

If you sponsor one of our wolves that can be interacted with, you and one other person (selected at the time of sponsorship) will be able to come and interact with your animal when we are open to the public. 

All sponsors get special pricing in the gift shop. 

For more information contact Kathy via email

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