Charlie Smith & I  traveled to Lower Brule South Dakota in December 2017

We collected items up to the 30th of November.

When we arrived we were  invited to particapate in the Giving Ceremony.

Helping making all this possible were Tom & Alice Lounges

Paul & Kathy LaRoche & Chris of Brule' 

I really don't know where to begin except by saying thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this trip and giveaway such a great success.

Charlie and I with the help of so many giving people from Wolf Creek Habitat to schools, businesses, and friends from all over Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio collected over 3000 pieces of clothing & coats. We also collected many toys, shoes, blankets etc that filled Wolf Creek's 18ft trailer to the top.

Needless to say this was the most humbling journey of my life. To see the precious faces of the children & adults filling bags not with just toys but clothes, coats and items that would help them through the brutal weather there in the winter. What a blessing this was for Charlie & I and the best Christmas ever for the both of us.

Adding to this journey my deep desire to visit Wounded Knee & Crazy Horse were fulfilled. What an honor it was to stand on the grounds of such a horrifying time in history. I wept and walked to each grave asking for forgiveness for what our ancestors did to them. As I left leaving my sage and smudge bowl in the entrance to the mass grave I felt a wave of peace come over me that I can only explain as forgiveness. I thank the Creator for giving me this closure.



We have decided to go back to South Dakota the 1st or 2nd week of November 

Our last drive was fantastic... but there was not enough for the children.

The goal this year is to go to Rose Bud

Hello everyone,,,,,Facebook did not give me a place to put in the Fundraiser so I thought i would let you know we are making another trip to South Dakota in November and we are collecting again for gas money for the travel time. we are also taking in donations of children clothes, toys shoes, etc. for Rose Bud.

Any way you can help will be humbly received. Our trip in December was amazing and we can't wait to go again.

Click Below for website and our interview with Paul LaRoche

Brule'  pictures taken by Kathy Summers LaRoche

With a little time to spare we were able to site-see. We visited the Wounded Knee, Crazy Horse, Pine Ridge, Badlands, Corn Palace, The Dignity Statue, Mt Rushmore.

The Blood Moon was the close of our day at the Lower Brule Reservation

Mostly I want to thank Charlie Smith for coming into my life and getting to meet Paul & Kathy & Chris from Brule'


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