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SO I MADE A VERY BIG MISTAKE...At the expense of Lisa & Mason Pulley
I was suppose to do a photo shoot and I totally forgot. I guess I was so worried about all the flooding and when I went in to see if I had any appointments in my book there was nothing until Friday I have to much going on that I didn't realize that I had already put it in my binder.
So if I would have remembered I would have surly called to cancel because of all the flooding , standing water and mud.

But when they showed up all the way from Missouri YES MISSOURI....😥 I was not even home. Good thing Terry was here because he took them up on the deck to see the wolves and see how terribly muddy it is. They seemed to understand and said they would reschedule if they could but I gave them a refund with my deepest apologies. 

I'm saying all this if you have an appointment of any kind with me it isn't a bad idea to call and confirm a couple of days ahead. This way I will never let this happen again and I can also let you know how the weather is. Trust me these would not have been good senior pictures....thank you for reading what seems to be a regular occurrence, but not this bad. 
I am so sorry Lisa & Mason....🐺


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