* From May 1st until September 30th

As everyone knows, we have had some very strange weather these last couple of years. This year especially has been very hard on the wolves as far as the heat. We have discussed this with all the volunteers and since our wolves are high priority, we have decided to stop interactions at 3pm Saturdays & Sundays in the spring/summer season,* then close at 4pm, unless otherwise announced. I know this is going to be total confusion, but we have to do what is best for the wolves right now.


I am trying to get this out there as soon as I can so you don’t drive out here after 3pm expecting to interact.  You will be able to observe from the deck until 4pm unless otherwise announced, but I can’t always guarantee that you will be able to see them all. The foliage grows up pretty high and that is where they tend to go. Call ahead before you come if you're not sure.


513 - 312 - 9143                



Thank you so much for understanding how much our wolves mean to us.


 When temps are cold/hot please check here/Facebook or Voicemail to see if we are closed. I will always post it everywhere. Sometimes during storms we may close early

Many Howls, Terry, Kathy & Staff


We are open weekends year-round, but we are closed Monday - Friday. Hours of operation can be subject to change due to extreme seasonal temperatures, so look for updates. 



May 1st - September 30th

Saturday and Sunday 10am - 2/4pm 

When it is hot and humid, we close at 2pm to ensure the comfort and protection of our wolves.



October 1st - April 30th

Saturday and Sunday 11am - 4pm

We will close if it is icy and frigid, to ensure the comfort and protection of our volunteers and visitors.


We are open year round on weekends, hours above are seasonal hours. Please remember when it is hot & humid/ cold & icy we will post if we will be closed or will close early.  Please check often for updates. This will be announced via voicemail, Facebook, and our website, and always call ahead if you are unsure of the weather.


Phone Number: 513 - 312 - 9143


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513 - 312 - 9143       14099 Wolf Creek Rd. Brookville, Indiana 47012

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