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Russell M. Cera lives in West Islip, New York, and is the author of Fruit of the Bad Seed, a memoir-like novel about teaching during the turbulent ‘60s. His passion for writing and for wolves stems from a romance with the outdoors and his love for dogs. “With pen,” he says, “I can go wherever my imagination allows, and, if I choose, I can even run and hunt with the magnificent gray wolves, my favorite animals on Earth.


About the Author

Russell M. Cera is a retired schoolteacher who lives in West Islip, New York. His love for the outdoors, big dogs, loyalty and family has engendered his passion for wolves. Mr. Cera has authored an eclectic array of five books. His first novel, Cry Wolf, Cry strayed from most all works of fiction that vilified wolves as wanton killers and loathsome beasts of nightmare. Cry Wolf, Cry showed the wolf’s true nature that is so akin to Man’s. In As Comes Man - Arrives the Dog, Russ returns to write about his favorite subject. “With pen,” he says, “I can follow my imagination, and if I choose I can run and hunt with the magnificent gray wolf, my favorite animal on Earth.”


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Michael Phife is an accredited wildlife forensic scientist and primarily deals with endangered species. His studies were in biology, zoology, wildlife forensics, conservation, environmental science, marine biology, and toxicology throughout his Master of Science degree. He currently resides in the United States and travels to the mountains, coastal plains, islands and national parks for research. Michael has worked with diverse wildlife throughout his career, ranging from the wolves of North America to free diving with sharks in the Pacific Ocean.


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Rick Lamplugh writes to protect wildlife and preserve wildlands. He lives in Gardiner, Montana, at Yellowstone’s north gate. He and his wife Mary moved there after thirty-five years in Oregon. 
His new book is the award-winning Deep into Yellowstone: A Year’s Immersion in Grandeur and Controversy. More than just an adventure, he wants Deep Into Yellowstone to inspire readers to help protect the wildlife and wild lands of our nation’s first—and perhaps most beloved—national park. 
Deep into Yellowstone is written in a style similar to his best selling book, In the Temple of Wolves: A Winter’s Immersion in Wild Yellowstone, which is about the wolves and ecology of Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley and his experience of living and volunteering there for three winters.



Two months ago after my novel As Comes Man – Arrives the Dog was published, there came advertisements on TV for a movie entitled Alpha. The setting (Cro-Magnon world), time (20,000 years ago) and main theme (origin of the first dogs) shown in the trailers appeared so similar to my book it seemed as if my story had been stolen. 

    Last night I saw the newly released film. Although the movie attempts to show how the wolf evolved into the dog, it falls impossibly short of how that transformation came about. Alphawill make millions and unfortunately for me, As Comes Man – Arrives the Dog may go obscure even though my book has a more realistic version of how the chance connection between Man and wolf would alter both species and impact their transcendence into the modern world.     I will not recommend a movie that strays so far from reality, but I’d wish that some who will see the film will read my book for comparison. 

    As Comes Man – Arrives the Dog is available on Amazon. Please see the book and reviews on my website: www.librabooks.net.


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